miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010


K, thanks for sharing your experience. I dared to publish this fragment:

I have some thoughts about warrior’s acts and moods:
-The warrior is somebody who can remain undamaged in his ordinary life, in his routine.
-The warrior is never settled comfortably, he always seeks, improves things in his battlefield, in his routine.
-The warrior doesn’t look for shortcomings of his enemy, he looks for his own shortcomings and flaws. At this part he has a lot to do.
-He loves himself , he loves the others more but he doesn’t use them for his self determination
-In giving – taking he creates balance
-He loves his routine, it is his hidden treasure full with knowledge
-4 days and 4 nights in the wood are for him a pleasant chance for recover but he misses his routine
-Meditation is not the connection with some outer spirit but the reconnection with our selves. No reason to wait for some kind of epiphany from the sky!
-The spirit is inside everybody. We just simply loose the connection with our self.
-I remember an old poem saying:

‘’…you are looking for me everywhere but not next to you,
you are looking for you everywhere but not inside you…’’

I have some thoughts about traditions and continuity of generations:
-Some say that, by having children you get an energy hole. The funny thing about that is that those who say this have children. The other funny thing is that they don’t say anything about the hole that is created when you don’t have children!
-Who should carry all the knowledge we have, to the next generation, who would preserve the tradition?
-Without children, no grandparents would exist, to say stories we carry in all our lives!

Thanks a lot for this experience. I already miss my place but I know it is there, waiting for me!
I miss my sins and my negativity!

Thank you very much A for sharing this experience with me. I will never forget the hermaphrodite trees and the living deads!

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