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The "Brothers of Foot" Stars on earth

From the Hacienda de Santo Domingo Atlapaleca
The "Brothers of Foot"  Stars on earth 

At the center of the universe and in the direction of the east, lived the guardian of that side of the cosmos. Tired after having spent centuries watching planets appear and explode converted into tiny particles, fell asleep. When he finally awoke, he noticed that they had changed the tones of that distant sphere, illuminated by the suns. Arose from the chiaroscuro, wearing nebulae in all imaginable shades of blue. Stunned, the guardian  discovered huge beings dressed, mostly, in emerald color.
"They are the “Brothers in Foot”, the trees. They were created to take care of Mother Earth, that has hundreds of names: Gaia, Pachamama, Coatlicue, Tonantzin, Terra, Danu, Geb, Mapu, Iriria, Umani, Nuke, Mahimata", told the guardian of the south side. For each tree, a star is born, and  for each star, a tree is deposited on Earth, thus maintaining the balance in the universe. "
The guardian of the east, approached to them his wind hand, and softly moved them.
He let dropped the rain, and bathed them.
He played until all them laughed .
Soon, the laughter arrived to: "the being who is near, beside and around of all things: the Tloque Nahuaque, also called: Moyocoyani, (the  who created himself).
By listening the laughter of the "Brothers in Foot", the Tloque Nahuaque, owner of the five world ages, and the five suns, decided it was time to planting, of the human beings. 

Fragment from: "Roots of Fire" by Maria Eugenia Bear Sanz

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